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These questions are designed to help us understand the requirements of your election. Generally, there will be a ballot question for each Position. For example,
- an election to fill three vacancies for the Position of Director is a Single Position Election,
- an election to fill three vacancies for the Position of Director and one vacancy to fill the Chairman Of The Board is a Multiple (2) Position Election.

>Each Position will have one or more vacancies, to be filled by the successful candidates. Electors (or voters) will need to either mark or number their candidates for each Position.
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What options will people have to vote? Online voting will always be included in our service. You can add extra voting channels to suit the needs of your voters.
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All of our voting channels maintain voter preference anonymity.
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How will voting information be sent? GoVote will send voting instructions to your voters with their unique GoVote PIN for ballot access. We can do this by email, SMS, and/or post.
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